We provide a wide range of in-house services to the commercial sound industry, below you can find a little more of what we have to offer. Don’t hesitate to CONTACT US with any questions or project related enquiries.

3D Audiobook Production

We specialise in the production of 3D spatial sound audiobook design, creating Incredibly immersive and truly engaging audio experiences that let you experience the drama first hand.

‘Binaural books’ are immersive first-person audiobooks and drama experiences that harness engaging 3D spatial sound to offer an audio experience, journey or escape. These digital books are recorded using innovative sound design techniques and produced to film industry standards and quality, offering an exciting opportunity for publishing houses and creative marketing possibilities.

 Creative Marketing & Advertising

Spatial sound adverts & media offer you a creative way to engage with your customers and stand out from the competition. 

From 3D sound design themed advertisements to full immersive soundscape creation. 

We can help you create something unique.

3D Music Production

3D music or 360 audio offers a new dimension to how we listen to music. We use innovative binaural rendering techniques so you can truly immersive yourself in the music.

Got a song or album you’d love to turn into a 3D experience?

We can create a sonic 3D soundscape mix for your music and even simulate environments or recording spaces.